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Your business has more POTENTIAL.
The right custom software can unlock it.

Get niche-specific web-based solutions built
in 30 days or less.

No fluff. No hassle. Just real solutions to make life easier + grow your small business.

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The not-so complicated or overwhelming plan
  1. 1 We Chat

    1. Discuss

      Pain Points

    2. Determine

      Key Objectives

    3. Decide

      MVP Features

  2. 2 We Build

    1. Week 1

      Design + Live Site Setup

    2. Week 2-3

      Develop MVP Features

    3. Week 4

      Train + Launch

  3. 3 You Grow

    1. Launch

      Marketing Plan

    2. Post-Launch

      Support + Growth Plan

    3. Future

      Feature Expansion

Software is complicated + complex.

Sadly, most dev agencies only make it worse.

Wireframes, prototypes, design comps, round two design revisions, final final designs, dev-ops, typescript, staging site, unit testing, continuous integration...

The list goes on and on...

And it's exhausting! Not only for them—which is why they have to charge so much—but it's exhausting for you & your cashflow.

You've got a business to run. You don't have 6-12 months to stop everything else and overpay for something that may or may not work in the end.

It's just not right.

You work too hard to stress any more about getting the best web tech available for your business and your customers.

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This is why we build MVP web apps.

It makes your life easier + grows your business faster.

An MVP is a minimally viable product. It's the fastest way to solve your problem and enhance your offering. It's a simple process focused on getting you the most value in the shortest amount of time.

There are not many who can turn out something so fast and do it well, but because we've been doing this for 15+ years, you can get real solutions quickly without sacrificing quality.

Think about it. What if you could give your customers what they are asking for sooner? What if that daily headache that keeps you up at night could finally be solved? What if your best offering could be even more profitable?

How much is it really costing you in the meantime?

When you get a custom solution built in 30 days or less, you're paying at least 3x's less than your typical 6-month dev agency project!

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A few ideas for your business:

Make it smoother, make it better, or both!

1. Friction is Rough

When you experience some online tech that's confusing, slow, or overly-complex, it hurts. It's not just you that feels this friction. Your clients and customers feel it too! Cumbersome processes slow your momentum and ultimately hinder your growth.

Can you think of things in your workflow or your services that could be significantly streamlined and simplified?

2. Leveling Up is Good

You likely have a good offering, but you (and your customers) know there's always room for improvement. How could you elevate their experience and amplify (or even, expand) your offerings?

3. Just Have Your Cake

Why not remove friction and level-up your offering at the same time? Could streamlining and enhancing your offering potentially overlap? This would be a solid one-two punch, or as we like to say, a nice two-fer (two-for-one).

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It's up to you.

Here are steps you can take when you're ready to grow:

1. We chat.

Making a change starts with a 30-minute exploration call. We'll examine to your pain points together. We determine your Key Objectives—or more aptly named, your KO's—that we can knock out. We discuss what will help remove major friction and add massive value, and we look for the lowest hanging fruits, first.

2. We build.

We will put a plan together that takes all the highest impact features and prioritizes them. By laser-focusing on highest impact first, we can test them in the real world sooner than later and ensure they really solve your main problems. We design, develop, test, and launch your custom-tailored MVP web application in 30 days or less, so you can keep growing your business without all the hassle.

3. You grow.

We set you up for success by putting together the simplest tools and reports, so you have to manage as little as possible. We record training videos for you and your team, and we give you a plan for support to take with you as you grow.

We are with you every step of the way.

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You could take our word for it,

Or, just dig into our work.

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